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Brain Injury Accidents

When events such as a fall or minor car accident take place, many people "shake off the injury" and believe that no permanent damage has been done. As such, most do not go to their doctor or the hospital for treatment. Even those who do go to their doctor may be misdiagnosed since MRIs and CAT scans usually can not detect the damage done to blood vessels and tissues in the injured person's head.

Post-concussion syndrome refers to the changes in an injured person's brain processes that affect personality, mood, memory, social interaction, and the ability to work and learn. Post-concussion syndrome can result in mental rigidity, inattention, swinging moods, and shifting energy levels.

Doctors often miss the diagnosis of post-concussion syndrome, because it is not as recognizable as a broken bone or tumor. The patient may be as smart as ever, but he or she may have become "socially disabled" - impulsive, disinhibited, likely to say things out of context or inappropriately, unable to start a relationship or maintain one.

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