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Dog Bite Injury Accidents

Dog bite statistics nationwide are alarming. Nearly 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs each year and 50% of dog bite fatalities are children under 10 years old. Fatal dog attacks usually occur very near the family home. More than half of the fatalities from dog bites and dog attacks were inflicted by pit bulls and rottweiler dogs, rottweilers statistically being the most fatal. In California nearly 2% of the population are nipped or bitten by dogs.

Dog bites and dog attacks are so unpredictable, and so terrifying. After a dog bite it is important to receive immediate medical treatment for the dog bite or bites. Puncturing dog bites of any severity should be considered a serious health issue and should be reported to your local animal control immediately.

Sacramento dog bite attorneys at the Law Offices of Stawicki & Maples will explain dog bite liability to you and dog bite law in California. Our attorneys will explain that after a dog bite attack, it matters little what dog breed bites most often, why the dog attacked, when the dog bit, or whether it was a trained attack dog. Under California dog bite law, a dog that bites is the absolute responsibility of its owner. These attacks fall under a “strict liability” rule. Owners of animals involved in the bite or attack are strictly liabile for the injuries incurred in the incident.

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